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A tribute to Her Majesty

The Platinum Orb            Platinum Jubilee celebrations            Windsor 2022

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" I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong."

                                                                                                               – Princess Elizabeth, 1947

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Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2022

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Celebrating the Jubilee with community art on the Long Walk 

Busy Buttons CORE charity are so proud to have been able to take part in celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubile.
We brought the Platinum Orb to the Long Walk in Windsor as part of the Windsor Platinum Jubilee celebrations.



The Platinum Orb was inspired by Her Majesty’s dedication and service to her people and the Commonwealth over her seven decades. Busy Buttons CORE Charity is honoured to have displayed ’The Platinum Orb’ a community art installation on The Long Walk as part of the Windsor Platinum Jubilee celebrations. This 11 ft tall spherical art installation created using 70 bicycle wheels represented Her Majesty's 70 year reign. The national flowers of the 54 Commonwealth member countries made with recycled materials adorned the wheels.


Her Majesty’s own concerns regarding the environment and climate change are reflected in our choice of recycled materials. We want to inspire people to think out of the box and appreciate the wonderful possibilities of creating without the use of virgin materials. The installation is made with recycled materials and 70 old bicycle wheels, collected by our volunteers and processed at our Design Studio to give them new life. 


The Platinum Orb creation process engaged over 1000 participants which included local school children, young Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates, NHS adult and child referrals, visitors, adult and youth volunteers as well as members of the local community. Would you like to donate to the charity so it can continue to offer creative learning experiences to many young people and the community?

Supporters of The Platinum Orb

We are humbled by the support we have received by our local community, businesses, 


Busy Buttons CORE Charity creatively and inclusively engages people from across our community, in particular making a difference to children, with a range of educational art based, experiential programmes to learn skills , boost morale, improve mental health, wellbeing and build community cohesion. Co-operation, inclusion, communication, imagination and creativity are key to the charity’s values.


Demand for our services is increasing. We need your help to continue to provide these programmes for local children and young people for free or discounted for low-income families and children with special educational needs. 

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We have launched The Wheel Appeal to raise vital funds for our work with young people and the communities they live in. To this effect we aim to raise £26,000 to help us deliver programmes over the forthcoming year. Please consider adopting a wheel  on The Platinum Orb for just £1000 collectively or as an individual to make a vital difference.

Why not consider joining with family, friends and colleagues to fundraise for your own wheel with your own unique creative/ physical challenge? You could even dedicate it to someone special! Celebrate your achievements by having your own names included on the installation.


If you’d like to support us, but don’t wish to sponsor a wheel, please consider making a donation of whatever you can spare to help us support this spectacular project and help us improve the lives of young people, bring communities together and deliver future climate conscious projects. 

 Click to fundraise 

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Would you like to volunteer and be part of this once in a life time opportunity? You do not have to be creative as there are many ways to be part of this. Click on the Volunteer button to take that step in being part of a community project. 

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Why not adopt a wheel to see your business represented on the Long Walk as part of this very special celebration. Please email or click on the Sponsor button for this opportunity.

 Click to adopt a wheel


At Busy Buttons we are committed to helping every child use creativity and imagination to achieve their unique potential. Your generosity in supporting this project will help local children and young people to do just that. 

                                Thank you for helping to make a difference in your own special way,

Louella, Lautaro and the Busy Buttons children

Supporting the project

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