Interactive  Creative  Consistent - Inclusive Learning  

This inclusive programme offered by Busy Buttons CORE charity will introduce your child to creative exploration, expression  and encouragement. Children will explore several topics creatively with sculpting3D art, sewing, painting, recycled art, model-making, illustration, animation and more. Children will learn new skills, gain confidence and patience whilst making new friends. The School of Skills brings you fun active engagement, creative learning and hands on expression promoting individual learning and team work, not forgetting physical and mental health with yoga and exploring nature. 

Mother of a 12 year old shares, "It's about understanding the individual child, nurturing their skills and qualities and building community. 

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Interactive consistent sessions in small groups offer maximum support and meet individual needs in a safe nurturing environment.

We use the 3 Big E s. 

  • Experience with hands on learning

  • Expression promoting individual learning

  • Encouragement with team work.



Ages 6 - 10 years 

Ages 11 - 14 years 


May Half Term (please email)

25 July to 26 Aug 2022

Childcare Vouchers Accepted


COST: Please enquire




Low Income families

Welfare/CAMHS/ ELSA Officers Referrals

Siblings Discount

Supported by:

 Windsor Yards

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