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The Busy Buttons CORE Charity is a community-led organisation based in the heart of Windsor. The CORE stands for Creativity, Opportunity, Respect and Empowerment and these values are central to everything we do. We deliver arts programmes for the local community and beyond. This project is changing the lives for hundreds of individuals and families, especially for those young people with special educational needs, anxiety and feelings of isolation.


Our core objective is to nurture wellbeing, especially of young people, by using the arts to encourage co-operation, communication, imagination and creativity and for our Design Studio to become an enterprising centre of creative excellence producing and presenting great theatre and live art.

This summer we have organised a 'Busy Buttons' Diversity Relay' as part of joining Parallel Windsor Virtual 2021 to celebrate inclusion and diversity together. Watch the video when the magic began

Participants choose their own challenge to complete over the Summer as part of the relay. It will be a celebration of diversity where each participant can creatively express themselves in their own unique way while raising vital funds to help support more young people.

Our aim is to help every child to use creativity and imagination to find their unique potential. Busy Buttons engages, inspires and nurtures imagination and creative expression, irrespective of behaviour, age, ability, gender or race. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We make the arts accessible to everyone as a means of improving health, enhancing wellbeing and realising potential through active participation.

There is a need to raise £3000 by Autumn 2021 to meet the growing demand for the services the charity offers.You can support the children in this fantastic celebration of inclusion and diversity by:

A) Making a donation by clicking here

B) Joining the Busy Buttons Diversity Relay with your own unique challenge by registering at

Registration Form

A gift of £19.50 could provide an art kit to a child from low-income family. £170 could enable that child to join our creative programme.

Please give generously and help another child who would so urgently benefit from exploring their creativity with us.

At Busy Buttons we promote inclusion by celebrating diversity. Your kindness will help us meet a child’s unique diverse needs, supporting them to become confident of being their unique best self.

‘I joined Busy Buttons in late February last year and it is already one of the best places I’ve ever been to. I am a wheelchair user and have not been able to do extra-curricular activities, therefore worsening my anxieties and leaving me unmotivated to do things. The community projects and youth ambassador group has highly increased my confidence and self-esteem and generally made me feel like a stronger person.’ - 12 years, Busy Buttons Youth Ambassador.


Thank you,

Louella, Lautaro and the Busy Buttons children